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Hi, I’m Michael, founder of Elementum Renewable Energy Experts and a keen environmentalist.

Based in the beautiful and historic town of Petworth, West Sussex, I am acutely aware of the effects of climate change on our planet. Renewable energy is an opportunity we cannot afford to ignore.

But there’s a problem.

I’ve seen too many solar installations that have been advised by unqualified salespeople, not specialist engineers. The result? Inefficient installations that give solar power a bad name.

And that’s why I created Elementum Renewables. I’m a registered gold card Technician, qualified in design and project management with a passion for renewables. Work with me and you’ll get the most efficient solar energy system, delivering a strong and fast ROI.

My small team of experts and I design, install and maintain solar PV and battery storage systems across the sunny South East of England. We provide expert system design and installation for commercial organisations, agriculture, country estates and domestic properties.


How I work

Every project I work on is tailored to my client’s needs and focuses on smoothing out your energy consumption profile (also known as a duck curve!).

I start by reviewing your electrical consumption over a 24-hour period to help me understand your energy demand. With this insight, I create a solution that will allow you to pull as little energy as possible from the grid and instead use the energy you will harvest from your solar panels. The energy you do to take from the grid will be taken at times when tariffs are at the lowest for minimal charges.

Working this way gives you - and our planet - the best possible return on your investment.

I’ve always loved the outdoors. As a kid you’d probably have found me outside, getting muddy in the beautiful Cotswold countryside where I grew up. I always imagined becoming a park ranger, but somewhere along the way, I decided I needed a ‘proper job’ - getting a trade and becoming an electrician seemed like a sensible choice.

However, it turned out that spending my days in the concrete shells of London’s new developments wasn’t for me, and I yearned for that lost connection with nature.

When I was at school, renewables seemed like the answer that grown-ups either ignored or didn’t take seriously. But with a climate emergency that only the most stubborn can ignore, renewables are finally recognised as the most viable option for clean energy. My qualifications and experience as an electrician and project manager let me be part of the solution - I love my job - designing realistic and effective green energy solutions and implementing them in the real world.

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