why is net zero important to companies

Why Is Net Zero Important To Companies?


The Benefits Of Reaching Sustainability Targets

‘How do we reach Net Zero targets’ is becoming a question all companies are having to consider. The urgency of addressing climate change and creating sustainable business norms impacts small and large operations alike.

If you are considering how your company should respond to Net Zero, read on. This blog will define what Net Zero is, why it is important, and the benefits reaching your targets will offer.

What is Net Zero?

‘Net Zero’ refers to the state when the amount of greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere is in equilibrium with the rate at which they are removed. This effectively negates the usage of fossil fuels without having to stop all operations.

Why is it important to reach Net Zero?

Many governments are introducing Net Zero targets in order to help mitigate the impact of climate change and promote sustainable, future-proof businesses. In the UK, the government’s Build Back Greener strategy sets 2050 as the date by which they want Britain’s economy to hit Net Zero.

For the strategy to make an impact, it is essential that companies from all sectors commit to becoming Net Zero in the same time scale.

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The benefits of having a Net Zero business:

1. Improved reputation

Demonstrating a commitment to Net Zero targets showcases your company’s sustainable values. Send a clear message to customers, investors, and partners that you prioritise ethical practices and responsible stewardship of the planet. Customers are more likely to support businesses that share their concerns, leading to increased loyalty and brand affinity. By embracing net zero goals, you can effectively differentiate yourselves in the marketplace and attract stakeholders who share the vision for a greener future.

2. Reduced costs

There are a variety of funding and grant opportunities available for companies who are considering switching to sustainable energy. By making the most of the support available, you may be able to switch to sustainable sources with low or subsidised expenses.

3. Energy security

Compared to traditional fossil fuels, renewable energy sources often offer more predictable pricing and lower operating costs. By installing renewable energy supply systems such as solar panels, you can create your own reliable supply without being subject to the fluctuating prices of national grid energy providers.

4. Regulatory compliance

As authorities seek to ensure the Net Zero targets are met across the economy, regulations are bound to become stricter. By getting ahead of the curve and incorporating sustainable energy into your everyday operations now, you will safeguard your business’s future.

5. Long-term sustainability

By using renewable energy sources, you can be assured of their long term presence. Renewable energy is by definition, reliable. Read our blog which outlines the difference between sustainable and renewable energy for more information.

6. Positive social impact

Beyond the benefits that directly impact your company, pursuing Net Zero targets will impact wider society in a significantly positive way. You can be confident that you are playing your part in looking after our world.

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How to become a Net Zero business

If you are looking for ways for your business to reach Net Zero, hiring a sustainable energy consultant will help you determine the best strategy. Working with an expert will allow you to be confident in their guidance and be assured you are reviewing a plan that is tailored to your property, needs and budget.

Why choose Elementum?

Here at Elementum, every member of our team is a specialist in their field. Our experts will handle everything from consultancy to design and installation to maintenance. You will be in the hands of professionals, rather than sales people, for every step of your sustainable energy journey. We pride ourselves on staying in step with cutting edge industry standards and only providing up-to-date guidance.

Our comprehensive sustainable energy services are bespoke to you, we consider your location, needs and goals to design the ideal system. One of our consultants will visit your property and then take the time to listen to your vision, so we can enable you to achieve it.

We have extensive experience in working with commercial clients as well as the agricultural and private estate sectors. We look forward to working with you next.

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