Maintaining and recommissioning a solar array for OVESCO

Maintaining and recommissioning a solar array for OVESCO

The Secret Campsite is a tents-only campsite nestling in the beautiful Sussex countryside and gives campers the chance to reconnect with all that nature has to offer. We all know that good facilities mean happy campers, and so the owner – Tim – had planned to convert one of his barns into a shower block over the winter.

However, there was a hitch. The barn had a 19kW solar PV array on its roof, owned by the community energy group OVESCO. To convert the barn into a shower block, the cement fibre-cladded roof needed to be removed and reclad with modern, trizomet sheet steel.
The solar PV array needed to be taken down!

Solar-Powered Renovation

OVESCO liaised with Elementum to schedule this work – it was very important to Tim that the work was done over the winter. We started by removing the panels so the roofers could carry out their work. While out of action, we cleaned and tested all panels and replaced those that weren’t performing. Once the roof had been replaced, we reinstated the system on a new mounting structure and retested the overall performance.

We turned this project around in just two weeks – a great result for OVESCO who were pleased that their asset was offline for such a short period of time. The maintenance work also improved its performance – even more good news!
Tim was equally pleased with the fast turnaround as it meant he could comfortably complete his build schedule before the camping season reopened.

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