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Whether you are looking for solar power services for commercial, agricultural or domestic premises, we can help! We also have ample experience installing solar for private country estates. Our services are tailored to give you the best ROI on your investment, working hard for you and our planet.

At Elementum Renewables, our team specialises in planning, designing, supplying, installing and maintaining high-quality solar PV and battery storage. We proudly work with a range of clients across the South East of England.

Commercial solar energy systems

commercial solar

Achieve net zero, save money and support your business’s ESG goals with our commercial solar installation service.

There are many reasons why an investment in solar energy makes good business sense. Choosing solar will enable you to meet sustainability goals and engage customers. Using renewable energy will also help reduce costs and allow for easier budgeting.

Elementum Renewables’ expert team can plan and design solar PV and battery storage systems tailored to your business’s needs.

There are many projects we can begin that often do not require planning permission, such as fitting roof-mounted solar panels on your premises. By combining solar panels with an energy storage system and other energy-saving measures, you will quickly start reducing your carbon footprint and cutting your energy bills.

Our team will ensure your system remains in excellent working condition with our solar maintenance services. Choose us to maximise the return on your investment and sustainably generate green energy to benefit your business and our environment.

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Agricultural solar energy services

Reduce your farm’s energy costs, increase energy security and create a more sustainable operation with our solar energy systems.

Solar power is a natural choice of energy supply for agricultural businesses with vast expanses of land, presenting a fantastic opportunity to power your business in a sustainable and cost-effective manner.

The Elementum Renewables team will work with you to design solar PV and solar battery storage systems that will meet your farm’s current and future needs. We will ensure that any proposals will be approved by renewable power grants and funds.

Our roof-mounted solar PV and ground-mounted solar PV systems are quick to install and require minimal maintenance. These will optimise your solar storage, allowing you to store excess energy for use at night or during the winter. Make the most of an easy additional income stream by selling power back to the grid.

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Agricultural Solar Services

Country estate solar energy services

solar panels on the ground

Protect the integrity of your estate for future generations with our bespoke solar installation service.

Implementing well-designed solar energy systems into your estate supports energy independence while minimising carbon emissions and ensuring your estate’s legacy continues.

Our careful, knowledgeable approach to renewable energy means your solar power system will provide the energy your estate needs while being easy to install and maintain.

We will work with your estate management team to ensure the solar panels and storage system are located in the perfect position for minimal visual impact and maximum daylight.


Domestic solar energy services

Support energy independence and reduce your carbon footprint with discreet, high-quality solar system design, implementation and maintenance.

We will design your solar power systems to be in keeping with the style of your property and to best meet your needs. Our team always work reliably, neatly and efficiently for minimal disturbance.

Partnering with architects and homeowners alike, we ensure solar panels are placed for the highest possible impact while respecting the outward appearance of your property. Likewise, solar battery storage is positioned thoughtfully for ease of access without imposing on day-to-day living.

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Energy independence for a country house & smallholding

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