Solar Energy For Private Estates

Secure the legacy of your estate with our tailored country estate solar solutions. By integrating thoughtfully designed solar systems on your grounds, you will encourage energy independence and significantly reduce carbon emissions, safeguarding the future of your property. Elementum has extensive experience working on private estates, get in touch on 01798 879947 to discuss your requirements.

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Bespoke Solutions

Collaborating closely with your estate management staff, our expert team will plan the placement of solar panels and storage systems to minimise visual impact while maximising exposure to daylight. We tailor our solar designs to each client, ensuring we fulfil your goals whilst considering your energy usage and the unique physical elements of your property.

Careful, strategic positioning of solar panels will not only protect the aesthetic appeal of your estate but also assist energy production, ensuring efficient usage of your solar resources. We are always careful to respect period structures and listed buildings in our planning and will maintain excellent communication with you and your team throughout the process.

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The Benefits Of Solar Energy For Private Estates

Installing well-designed solar panels on your estate will reduce costs, offer energy independence and improve your carbon footprint. Investing in high-quality solar panels will also increase the value of your property, making it more attractive to the growing demographic of eco-conscious buyers.

Solar panels have a long lifespan, typically lasting 25 years or more with minimal maintenance. Once installed, they provide a stable and reliable source of energy. At Elementum, not only will our team handle consultation, design and installation, but they will also provide continual maintenance and expert servicing for your solar system.

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Work With Solar Professionals

Every member of our team is a solar specialist. You can be confident that when you choose Elementum you will receive nothing but the highest quality expertise, products and services. We would love to hear more about your project and discuss how we can transform your sustainable energy experience. Call us today on 01798 879947.


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