what is the difference between sustainable and renewable energy

What Is The Difference Between Sustainable and Renewable Energy?


What are the advantages of using solar energy?

The terms ‘renewable energy’ and ‘sustainable energy’ are often used interchangeably, even among experts. Although there is overlap in these categories, each term refers to slightly different definitions of the type and function of energy.

Understanding the differences in the terms can be helpful when deciding what type of energy to use to power your business, allowing you to accurately meet your eco-friendly goals and targets.

What is meant by the term renewable energy?

Renewable energy refers to sources of energy that can be renewed or replenished naturally without depleting resources. These include solar, wind, tidal, hydropower, geothermal and biomass. Energy can be continuously replenished from these natural resources.

Oil, gas, and coal are not renewable resources as they cannot be replenished naturally and quickly. Fossil fuels can occur naturally but are limited in abundance because they take millions of years to form from the remains of ancient plants and animals. Using non-renewable resources like these also aggravates climate change by releasing greenhouse gases.

Renewable sources, on the other hand, have unlimited and reoccurring natural sources of power. Wind turbines require only a windy day to generate power, and solar power only a sunny day. Tidal and hydropower use the gravitational pull of the moon and the flow of water to generate energy continuously. Geothermal creates energy from the Earth’s heat and biomass energy, which is sourced from organic materials such as wood, crops, or waste, can be replenished through sustainable forestry and agricultural practices.

what is meant by the term renewable energy

In addition, renewable energy sources do not let off harmful greenhouse gases. These benefits mean that renewable energy is becoming more and more sought after, and governments around the world are seeking to make the countries ever more reliant on them.

So, what is it that makes sustainable energy distinct from renewable energy?

What does sustainable energy mean?

Sustainable energy refers to energy that can be relied upon to support current and future generations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. This includes being continuously readily available, affordable and environmentally friendly.

Clearly, fossil fuels such as oil and gas do not meet the criteria for sustainability. Fossil fuels are depleting resources, meaning they are highly susceptible to price fluctuations. As the resource becomes more sought after and more scarce, it contributes to economic instability and social inequalities.

Many governments and companies are seeking ways to develop widespread, affordable energy.

Is all renewable energy sustainable energy?

what does sustainable energy meanNot all renewable energy is sustainable energy, and vice versa. As an example, biomass is not usually considered to be sustainable. Biomass energy is sourced from organic plant matter, so it is renewable. However, the rate of harvest needed to produce the energy is considerably faster than the rate at which it is able to be grown. For energy to be considered truly sustainable, it must not only be renewable but also minimise social and economic impacts.

What type of energy is better?

Both renewable and sustainable energy are better options than non-renewables since both are more environmentally friendly. However, sustainable energy offers better long-term benefits, considering society’s holistic needs, benefiting everyone and safeguarding the next generation’s future.

What are the advantages of using solar energy?

Solar energy is both renewable and sustainable, making it an excellent choice for making your property more environmentally friendly. It is especially beneficial for businesses looking to become more sustainable. Choosing to utilise solar energy shows a commitment to caring for our planet. Active decisions towards sustainability are increasingly becoming an element that consumers look for in companies they choose.

Not only is solar energy eco-friendly, but it will also save you money. Once installed, solar panels have low maintenance and running costs, allowing you to enjoy renewable energy independence without the looming price hikes of fully relying on the national grid.

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