agricultural solar panel installation

Helping a busy Sussex farm maximise their investment in solar energy

Repairing and Enhancing a Farm’s Solar PV System

Keeping a busy farm supplied with renewable energy isn’t as straightforward as it might first seem. Despite having had a 25kW solar PV installed, Caroline, the owner of Broomhurst Farm was disappointed to find it had completely stopped working. Keen to get things fixed asap, she got in touch with Elementum to see if we could fix things.

We identified a component that had failed inside the inverter and arranged for it to be replaced – fortunately, this was just inside the equipment’s 10-year warranty!

We went on to run a full visual inspection of the system and carried out some electrical tests – it was clear that even with the repaired inverter, the solar system wasn’t generating as much electricity as it should have been.

To fix this, we cleaned the panels and repaired a broken panel, giving Caroline a fully working solar power system once again. Happily, it’s now generating more on average per month than in previous years – what a result!

STOP PRESS! As a result of our maintenance and repair work, the farm is planning a solar energy system for their dairy business. We are consulting on this project and will share an update soon.

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